What do we do?

We create an effective marketing strategy

Do you want to launch a product to the market, develop an effective campaign, build a strong position of your company?

In order to create a need related to your product or service in the head of your potential client, you have to direct coherent, integrated communication to them.

Activities based on the integrated 360 marketing strategy are aimed at surrounding the client with a message from many different sides, adjusting the content of the message to the selected tool.


Traditional advertising
Print / Press / TV / Radio / Outdoor

Social media
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn

Digital / Web / SEO / SEM / E-marketing / Video marketing

PR / Events
Press / Conferences / Trade Fairs / Industry Meetings / Internal PR


Kompleksowa strona internetowa
23.07.2020 Małgorzata Dądela

Kompleksowa strona internetowa

Marketing outsourcing. To się opłaca!
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Marketing outsourcing. To się opłaca!

Marketing w kryzysie
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Marketing w kryzysie


We can do a lot

This is what our clients say about us and this is how we can be summed up. We can.... because we are a harmonious team. We can listen. We have the appropriate knowledge and experience, which allows us to implement large, innovative projects.

Each of us is a specialist in our field, and as a team we create multi-channel and effective strategies.

We listen to our clients and like to cooperate with them. It means that we often spend constructive hours in the client's office, side by side, to find the optimal solution.

We're ambitious.. We love challenges and projects that require commitment and encourage us to be creative. We have completed multi-corporate projects that have been awarded the ACANTHUS AUREUS award "for the best reflection of the company's marketing strategy in the fair exhibition".

We are developing for you and with you. Thank you for your trust and we are looking forward to more tasks

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We invite you
to cooperate!

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